Chocolate for Dads and Grads: Dean’s List Gifts
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Chocolate for Dads and Grads: Dean’s List Gifts

Dads and Grads, two hard-working sets of people. Each in their own way, they deserve to be on the Dean’s List. Grads take tests, do homework, work in labs, study hard. Dads take kids to soccer, do chores, go to work, work from home. Given all this grade-A effort, we think that Dads and Grads score highly – high enough to merit the Dean’s List. And for that, they deserve some credit and some chocolate. Here are some Dean’s List gifts we’ve pre-approved for your dad and Grad.


Dads can be a humble bunch. Okay, well, maybe that word doesn’t describe your dad, but dads don’t always get the credit they deserve. We know, because we watch the world through a chocolate lens. Moms get gifts of chocolate for Mother’s Day. Lots of chocolate. Chocolate for dads? Well, not so much, but they should! So let’s make this happen.

Dean's Sweets Hot Fudge and Maine Sea Salt Caramel Sauces

Hot Fudge & Maine Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

Your dad might not be the type to eat this stuff right out of the jar, but he’ll be happy to whip up some sundaes after the barbecue. Both the Maine sea salt caramel and the hot fudge sauces are Good Food Award winners. Your dad will be proud to be in the know. 

Dean's Sweets Cherry Bourbon Bon Bons

Cherry Bourbon Bon Bons

This was my father’s favorite. He was particularly fond of the milk chocolate variety, though the rest of the family liked dark chocolate cherry bourbon bon bons. That was all the more reason to give him what he wanted while keeping the rest of us from dipping into his stash. Imagine that?!

Bacon Buttercrunch

If your dad likes bacon, he’s going to LOVE this. For the bacon buttercrunch, we start with the best bacon we’ve ever had – it’s salty and smoky and all those flavors really come through the dark or milk chocolate. There’s no skimping on this one. Equal parts sweet, salt, smoky, and crunchy. (If your dad is not a bacon fan, there’s also a buttercrunch without the added breakfast meat.)


Whether graduating from med school, high school, or primary school, chocolate for grads can hit the right note, set the right tone, be the right thing. You get the point. Chocolate for grads both celebrates their past accomplishments and ushers them along as they commence on their new adventures. They can march to Pomp and Circumstance as they nibble on chocolate. And though we don’t check grades, we think everyone deserves Dean’s List gifts.

Dean's Sweets Chocolate Flowers

Chocolate Flowers

It’s the lucky grad that gets a bouquet of chocolate flowers instead of the floristy-kind of flowers. Chocolate flowers are much more fun and quite a bit more satisfying to eat. 

Grad Caps

These miniature grad caps with Maine sea salt caramel are better to eat than to toss in the air. At the grad’s celebratory dinner, place one at each plate or send a gift box to the whole family. 

Top Seller Assortment

If your grad is a top student (they all are, aren’t they?), a top seller assortment is a great way to say “Well done!” Filled with our most popular truffles, caramels, and buttercreams in dark and milk chocolate, this mix of flavors consistently gets high marks just like your grad.

The Dean's List

The Dean’s List

Here’s your chance to put your dad and/or grad on the Dean’s List. Whether they’ve gotten all As or not, it just doesn’t matter. For this Dean’s List gift, they receive a box of chocolate once a month for three, six, or twelve months, or four times a year seasonally. Each time it arrives at their doorstep, it’s a reminder of what they mean to you and a celebration for all they do. Each shipment contains chocolate for the season and bonus surprises, so it’s different every time. Chocolate for your dads and grads, a Dean’s List gift, will put them and you at the top of the class!