Shipping Rates

Shipping is charged per order and based on product total and destination. It will be calculated upon checkout. We make every effort to ship efficiently and economically. We use USPS Priority Mail, and during non-holiday seasons, we generally ship Mon-Wed to avoid the chocolate “sitting” in a too-hot or too-cold environment over the weekend. In the busiest holiday seasons, we ship Mon-Fri.

Please note that if you are shipping to a warm destination (78F or higher), “warm weather shipping” will be automatically added to your order. We want all your chocolate to arrive in perfect condition, and we cannot guarantee that quality in the warm seasons without the addition of the insulated box and cool pack. If you’d prefer to bypass the warm-weather precautions, please call us at 207 899-3664 so we can adjust your shipping cost. 

Please Call for International Rates. 207-899-3664

Thank you for your understanding. Our goal is to ship your chocolate with the best possible outcomes!