Healthy Chocolate: An Easy Summer Recipe
Dean's Sweets Iced Aztec Hot Chocolate

Healthy Chocolate: An Easy Summer Recipe

Healthy chocolate and an easy summer recipe – two things that will make a lot of people happy. And two things that are entirely within our reach. I love chocolate anytime of year (the most obvious statement ever), but I find it especially appealing to enjoy something sweet (and healthy) when it’s hot outside. No need to worry about anything melting on this one. This easy summer recipe is made for hot days.

Dean's Sweets Aztec  Hot Chocolate

Healthy Chocolate

So, what is healthy chocolate? Is there such a thing? I define healthy chocolate as any kind of chocolate in a reasonable amount. Moderation, yeah. It’s not a new idea, but bear with me, because this recipe feels and tastes indulgent. Even in moderation and especially when you’re caring for your health, it’s important to treat yourself here and there. It’s part of selfcare to slow down and enjoy. Anyone who’s tried to cut out all sweets knows, it will backfire. I’d like to think this healthy chocolate is fortifying us all to stay with, rather than go off, a healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate

There are many studies that say dark chocolate is the way to go when making decisions about healthy eating. I wrote a whole blog about it here if you’d like to dig into the research and read more about some of the findings and nuances. It’s true that dark chocolate has some pretty great selling points for your heart and mind. But, you might be saying, I prefer milk chocolate. Is it unhealthy? Well, I can summarize the research here: In small quantities, it just doesn’t matter. To get the health benefits of dark chocolate, you’d have to eat a lot of dark chocolate. I’m not saying that’s a bad idea. I’m saying when eating small amounts, eat what you enjoy!

Dean's Sweets Iced Aztec Hot Chocolate

An Easy Summer Recipe

You will need:


    ~ Make the hot chocolate the way you usually would, combining the chocolate mix with heated milk, cream, or milk substitute. (Note: warming and adding water really doesn’t work, and it will cause the chocolate to “freeze” and separate. Plus the hot chocolate doesn’t taste very good with water). 

    ~ Mix well. Allow the larger chunks of chocolate to melt and stir the mixture together till it’s all liquid. Frothing is a plus if you have a hand-held frother available.

    ~ Let the liquid cool if you have time, by placing it in the fridge or freezer for 5-10 mins.

    ~ Optional: drizzle Dean’s Sweets Maine sea salt caramel sauce on the inside of a large glass. A pint glass can do nicely, or something more elegant, perhaps, like a goblet or large wine glass.

    ~ Fill the glass with ice.

    ~ Pour the cooled chocolate liquid over the ice.

    ~ Add whipped cream if you wish!

    ~ A straw can help, too.

    As you might imagine, there are a number of ways to get creative with this recipe. You can add a garnish by breaking off an edge of a Rainbow Confetti Square and placing it fashionably in the whipped cream. Or drizzle some Dean’s Sweets hot fudge sauce on top of the whole kitten kaboodle.

    That’s it!

    Dean's Sweets Rainbow Confetti Squares
    Dean's Sweets Iced White Mocha

    Pairs Well with. . . 

    Is it still considered healthy chocolate if you serve it alongside some Maine Lobster from Harbor Fish? The answer is yes, it’s still healthy!

    How about if you add some Three of Strong Maine-Made rum? Yes, still healthy. 

    Or maybe you’ll want some bread from Standard Bakery and some cheese from any of the producers from the Maine Cheese Guild. Yes, all great, all made with care, and all still healthy.

    Whatever your go-to summer meals are, add this healthy chocolate and you will make a lot of people very happy. Let us know what you like to pair with it. Or tell us if you have an easy summer recipe of your own. We’d love to try it!