Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide
Dean's Sweets Chocolate Xs and Os

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate. And we are happy to say, the chocolate options at Dean’s Sweets are many. Handmade chocolates are just about universally loved, and they come in a multitude of forms and flavors. We realize, the options can be both fun and a bit daunting, however. So, whether your intended is your main squeeze or your best friend, a Galantine or a bromance, we prepared this Valentine’s Day chocolate gift guide to help you find the perfect gift. 

You’ve been dating for two weeks and it’s awkward:

Dean's Sweets marshmallow chocolate heart

Try the marshmallow heart. This slightly oversized portion of homemade marshmallow, dipped in either dark or milk chocolate is silly and fun. It’s both sweet and not a major commitment. Kinda sums it up at this point, right?

You’ve been dating for two months and it’s awkward and now there’s some pressure:

Try the Double Dark, Aztec, or White Mocha hot chocolate. You can add a couple of nice mugs and some cozy socks and suggest you hang in for the night. Not awkward at all.

For your best friends:

Try a bunch of solid hearts. These bite-sized hearts are a sweet mix of dark, milk, and white chocolate, and there’s nothing more solid than friendships that are here to stay. With 18 in each package, they are just the right size to give or send to any number of people who are solidly in your corner. 

For your best friend who you’ve been in love with for a year:

Dean's Sweets heart-shaped gift box

Try the heart-shaped box. It’s a 29-piece assortment, filled with our top-selling flavors. It’ a bold move, but it’s time to be honest and you might as well go big or go home. Sure, it will change things. But whatever the next stage of your relationship is, it’s got to be better than pining away in silence. Do this – it’s the right thing.

For your son or daughter:

Try a custom assortment of 8 or 16 pieces. Perhaps your tradition for Valentine’s Day goes all the way back to the days when you gave your kids the Russel Stover heart box from the grocery store. There is nothing wrong with that, I bet they loved it then (I did!). Now maybe it’s time for an upgrade. You can choose all of their favorite flavors that only you will know. They will love it even more now.

For your mom and dad:

Dean's Sweets bouquet of chocolate flowers

Try a bouquet of a dozen chocolate flowers. Combining the best of both worlds, chocolate truffles in a beautiful bouquet of dark, milk, and a splash of white chocolate, turns the tables on your parents in the best way possible. Mom is going to tear up!

For your friend who doesn’t have a significant other but would kind of like one:

You might shy away from a Valentine’s Day chocolate gift guide suggestion under circumstances like this, but we say try a Boozy Mix. This fun assortment is a playful thumb-to-the-nose for all things Valentine. Then plan to visit with a bottle of wine on February 14th and share an evening binge watching Severance. Single and strong!

For the barista/gym buddy/upstairs neighbor/dog walker you have a crush on:

Dean's Sweets conversation hearts

Try the conversation hearts. This is a sure winner if you want to drop a little hint about a possible change in status. Hidden in this innocent gift of chocolate are things you might say to anyone, such as #text me, QT Pie, Sweetie, and Date Night! Or at least to anyone you have a crush on.

For your kids teachers:

Try the nonpareils. Every teacher needs something in their desk for those moments and/or emergencies when the kids are pushing their limits. Let them know you understand. These perfect little bites are upbeat and sweet. Choose your chocolate, from dark, milk, white, or all three mixed. Nonpareil translates literally to “without equal,” and we know those words apply to the hard work our teachers put in every day. 

For your personal trainer:

Try the bacon buttercrunch. She’s in awesome shape. She looks like she doesn’t eat anything but kale, but we’re here to say she does. And she’ll appreciate really good chocolate now and again. She works out hard so she can work you out hard. Plus, she listens to you grump and complain at the same time. She might not let you slack off, but she’ll be in a good mood. That’s a step in the right direction.

For your spouse of 1-25 years:

Try the 32-piece tiered jewel case. This top-seller assortment, gorgeous in presentation, is just the right amount of decadent. Not too much and not too little, it’s perfectly aimed, like cupid’s arrow, at the sweet spot of a happy day. Bring it home or send it to the office. Your spouse will feel the love and you’ll get all the credit. 

For your spouse of 25 years to forever:

Dean's Sweets 64pc tiered jewel case

Try the 64-piece tiered jewel case. It’s just the same as the 32pc tiered jewel case (above), but double the love. You can see how the math works. 

For yourself:

Try the Xs and Os. Practicing self-kindness is scientifically shown to make us happier, healthier, and more compassionate with those around us. We don’t need a Valentine’s Day chocolate gift guide to tell us that, but it might help to be reminded now and then. And what better way to support this practice than with some chocolate letters to spell it out. You may be tempted to share a milk or dark chocolate X or O with someone special in your life because that’s your giving way. But first, be sure to start at home and send a little love your way. 

Dean's Sweets Xs and Os

We’ve been in the chocolate business going on 19 years now, so we’ve seen almost every Valentine’s Day scenario, and we know, the day is not only about romance. Sisters giving to sisters. Employers giving to the team. A gift for the nurse who helped your dad. Or for the dad who helped you last week.

February 14th is all about saying I love you or, in different circumstances, I like you or hey, I think you’re pretty darn cool. Some say it’s a Hallmark Day. I say, who cares? Any day we get to do something nice or give a little extra to anyone in our lives, is a good day to me.