Customized Chocolate Bars – Your Logo Made Delicious!
Dean's Sweets Press Hotel Chocolate

Customized Chocolate Bars – Your Logo Made Delicious!

Your logo made delicious, yes! Create customized chocolate bars and watch your logo become the next must-have at the conference. Or send customized chocolate to each of your top clients and you will, no doubt, capture their attention and appreciation. Your brand will instantly be associated with creativity, fun, and deliciousness. And not only will you make your logo exquisitely memorable (as in your customers will want to hoard them), but you’ll also be tapping into a (secretly) crazy budget-effective marketing tool.

Photographer Darren Setlow's chocolate business cards

How and How Much?

First, let’s talk briefly about how this is done, so you’ll understand the process. Then we’ll lay out the costs. Transparency only helps, so this is the real deal. Then, below, we’ll brainstorm a few ways that customized chocolate bars can be used in any season, so you’ll get the most out of your marketing. 

It’s Easy.

  1. Choose a shape and a size. Your customized chocolates can be round, square, Willy Wonka size or business-card size. The size and shape of the chocolate does affect the price, so more on that below.
  2. Decide on quantity. Do you want to start small with, say, 100 pieces as an in-house gift at your next company meeting? Or are you preparing for a national conference and you’ll need 500? 
  3. Select your flavor(s). We can make customized chocolate bars in dark (70%), milk, and white chocolate. We find that most people prefer dark and milk chocolate, but having a few white chocolate bars can be fun, and why not? You can make the ratio whatever you’d like.
  4. Send us a high-quality .pdf or .ai of your logo. We’ll get proofs made for you to review at no cost. 
SignWorks Group Chocolate

It’s Quick.

  • Once you’ve decided on the shape and size of the chocolate (#1 above), we can usually get a proof to you within seven days.
  • After you’ve approved the proof, the chocolate molds are made. This usually takes 10-14 days. The lead-up to holidays is typically the busiest time and the schedule may be a bit slower, so think ahead on that one, but generally the turn-around time is within a two-week period.
  • Once we have the molds, we’ll start making your chocolate. Depending on the quantity (and again the time of year), we can usually have your chocolate ready for you in about a week.
  • So, start to finish, the process is about four weeks. The chocolate molds will last forever, so this initial time is an investment you can skip over in all future re-orders. You can rely on the molds over and over again.

It’s Inexpensive.

The mold: The most frequent and the most price efficient mold is the business-card size, which is roughly $250. For most businesses, this cost is easy to justify knowing you will use the mold again and again in the future. There are other molds sizes as mentioned, for example, square or round, big or small, or really anything you want. These molds are usually more expensive. A round mold is more likely to be $650 for the initial cost. But for some businesses, that’s money well spent if their branding calls for it. We can price out anything you have in mind. 

The chocolate: Each chocolate, depending on the size, is anywhere from $0.85 to $1.95* per piece (Willy-Wonka size not included here). We package each piece individually in a clear bag with a small Dean’s Sweets label on the back. *Prices here reflect 2023 costs and will vary with every project.

Your Most Delicious Marketing Tool

Your logo can be made delicious easily and quickly for any number of occasions. Here are just a few to consider. I bet you can come up with more!

Sales Calls

It will make a favorable and lasting impression if you leave behind a few custom chocolates at every sales call. Favorable and memorable is what it’s all about.

Bangor Savings Chocolate Business Cards


Sure, everybody can have a dish of Hershey’s kisses in their booth, but handing out customized chocolate bars with your logo will be the real keeper. It shows you’re innovative and the next level above all the rest. 

Client Gifts

Bundle a few bars with a ribbon to make just the right size client gift. Or slide a chocolate bar under a ribbon on a larger package. We’ve seen our customers use chocolate at all times of year and in various ways (just be careful in the summer that the chocolate stays out of the heat and sun). Whether as new-client welcome gifts, or to mark significant anniversaries or milestones, sending chocolate is one more way to stay in front of your clients all year round. 

Portland Harbor Hotel Dean's Sweets Chocolate

Employee Appreciation

Leave a chocolate on every desk for those days when you’re all in the office. It never hurts to say thank you to the most important part of any business. 

Board Meetings

Place a customized chocolate bar at every seat, right next to the binder and the water bottle. It will start the meeting off right. 

Hotel Turn-Down Service

On every pillow, every night, a logo chocolate is just that little extra that goes a long way. They’ll rebook for next their next trip before they even check out.

Dean's Sweets Press Hotel Chocolate

New Cars, Wedding Dresses, Homes, Solar Panels, eBikes, Baby Grands

I could go on. These big-ticket items, or I should say the sellers of these big-ticket items, rely on word-of-mouth marketing to keep new customers coming in. Providing a great service, a great product, and an extra special thank you gift in the form of your delicious logo will generate the best kind of word-of-mouth campaign ever.

Go from Blah to Bam. 

Customized chocolate bars are a quick, easy, and unexpected delight. Whether for a holiday gift or a conference give-away, they will make a sweet and favorable impression. And here’s the biggest take-away of all: with chocolate, you’ll stand out. It’s surprising to me how, for even the smallest of budgets, you can turn something we do every day – hand out a business card – and make it a fun, light, and impactful moment. Chocolate makes people smile. We see that every day. How much better is when you can make people smile with your delicious logo front and center.