17 Things from Maine That You Just May Need for Valentine’s Day – Chocolate Included
Dean's Sweets Passionfruit Chocolate Hearts

17 Things from Maine That You Just May Need for Valentine’s Day – Chocolate Included

Valentine’s Day falls in the calendar exactly where it’s most needed. For me, at least, living in Maine, where winter can feel equal parts refreshing and exhausting, I think having an upbeat, not-so-serious holiday in mid-February is the perfect time. Valentine’s Day, in the middle of the coldest month in Maine, helps us keep our energy and stay positive. So, what are the 17 things from Maine that you just may need for Valentine’s Day that will make the winter better wherever you are? Here’s our list, and as you might have guessed, chocolate is very much included.

Staying Warm and Cozy

ChappyWrap Maine blanket

Let’s start with a must-have – a really cozy blanket (it gets chilly in Florida occasionally, too!). ChappyWrap makes durable, machine washable, and entirely cute and cozy blankets and wraps. They have a soft, plush feel that’s lightweight yet warm. Based in Portland, Maine, the company is family-owned and operated, with a team of employees around the U.S. You can find their stuff here

ChappyWrap Maine Blanket

Juneberry Tabletop Campfire

We’re on a cozy-roll now. Ideal for patios, backyards, and other small outdoor spaces. Using only natural materials (wax and peat moss), these little campfires are lightweight (about a pound), spark-free, and easy to light. Take one with you on your next snowshoe hike to add some sparkle to your midday picnic. Or add this to your happy hour on the beach at sunset. You can find them here

Ceramica Co’s Bright White Mug

Here’s a thing from Maine that you just may need for Valentine’s Day – for yourself or a friend – a lovely, handmade mug. Ceramica’s Bright White Mug is proportioned perfectly to feel good in your hands on a cool morning. Thrown on a potter’s wheel, each mug is a piece of art on its own, while also dishwasher and microwave safe. If my husband is reading this, I think the travel mug is pretty wonderful, too. Find all kinds of beautiful Maine ceramics here.

Ceramica's Bright White Mug

Seawicks Candles

Soy is the thing for sustainable candles. Then add tasteful design and you’ve got Seawicks candles. With scents inspired by Maine like salty seas, beneath the pines, and blueberry fest, you’ll have the forest and the coast floating gently through the air. And if you want to add the mountains, check out their line of Ski Wicks. They are super cute soy candles that you or a friend just might need for Valentine’s Day. Find your candles here.

Hüga Heat

You didn’t know you needed this, but when you stop to think about it, you do! Hüga heated seats for outdoor games, camping trips, backyard barbeques, or patio dinners. Rechargeable-battery powered, waterproof, tough, and comfy, these seats will keep you happy in all kinds of outdoor situations. You can get them customized with your name/logo/brand for family dinners or your thriving restaurant! Find your next heated seat here

Hot Chocolate, Please! Winter Hat

Cute and cozy with the extra benefit of being really clear about what’s important. Couple the hat with some of our hot chocolate, and you have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself and/or any number of friends. Find your favorite hat here, and hot chocolate here.

Dean's Sweets Hot Chocolate, Please Hat

Cashmere Sweater Mittens

Couldn’t you face any cold, snowy day with extra zest and excitement if you had cashmere mittens made in Maine? In super fun colors and patterns, find them at Lisa Marie’s Maine in Maine online store here.


You’ll have to be in Maine, or travel to Maine, for these adventures. But hey, that’s not so bad. And if it’s for Valentine’s Day, you’ll get some really good off-season rates. If you’re game, check out these experiences.

L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Snowshoeing Course

Get some time outside in the snow with friends new and old. All instruction and equipment are included in this 90-minute course. Embrace the winter with some exercise (but not too much) and find a new way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Find your next snowshoe adventure here.

Old Port Culinary Walking Tour with Maine Day Ventures

If you’re more of an urban type with some foodie tendencies, try a Maine Day Ventures walking tour. Get a behind-the-scenes snapshot of several of Portland, Maine’s famous foodie establishments, lobster, beer, and chocolate included. It’s all local, and all on the menu. And that chocolate I just mentioned, that would be ours. We’d love to see you! Find the culinary walking tour here

Maine Day Ventures Culinary Walking Tours

Wine Tasting at Sweetgrass Winery and Distillery in Portland, Maine

We just happen to know that Sweetgrass has great wine tasting opportunities, anytime you drop into their Portland store. A tasting consists of your choice of 4 or 5 wines, spirits, ciders, and sangrias, choosing from 15 to 20 items for $5. If you’re there on Valentine’s Day, you may even get a chocolate truffle to go with the wine. How do we know? That chocolate included will be one of ours. It’s a fun date with friends! See more about Sweetgrass here

Heart Things

Tiny Hearts Necklace by Jeweler Tracy Graves

This is the kind of necklace you can treat yourself to, or give to your sister, brother, aunt, and cousin. You can sleep in this jewelry. You can wear it all year ‘round. Two little hearts (a quarter inch in height), one in silver, the other in gold, are simple and pretty with just the right sparkle. Find your heart necklace here

Maine Greeting Heart Cards

Add some heart to your next note, and even better, add some Maine heart. Choose from four designs, all with Maine themes. This is a thing from Maine that you just may need for Valentine’s Day to tell your loved ones just how you feel. Find the cards here at the wildly popular Down East Magazine shop.

Maine Greeting Cards

Pine Tree Garden Seeds

I just sent some zinnia seeds to a dear friend who has a spectacular garden around her home. Simply to imagine them arriving at her house made my day, my week, my month. The fact that these seeds are from Maine was key, so I could I could impart some Maine on her Midwest surroundings. Strangely, I also sent seeds for watermelon radishes. Have you seen those beauties with their knock-out color hidden inside? I hope she’ll grow some and we’ll have them for dinner when I visit later this year. Sneaky, huh? 

But I digress.

At Pine Tree Gardens, there are heart-themed seeds – tomatoes, carrots, flowers! – that you can plant soon. I’m really in love with these seeds! Find them here

More Hearts – Chocolate Included

Chocolate Conversation Hearts

“Q T Pie,” “Date Night,” and “TXT Me” give a new twist to old favorites. These conversation hearts say you are “wicked cool” in a big way. Dark, milk, and white chocolate packaged in a take-out “to go” box makes them even more fun to give or receive! See them here.

Chocolate and Passion

Our passionfruit hearts are sweet to start with a tangy finish. Doesn’t that sound like love? In dark, milk, and white chocolate. See them here as part of our 20th Anniversary subscription box!

Dean's Sweets Passionfruit Chocolate Hearts

Classic Satin Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates

It’s part tradition, part fun, and all delicious! This is the show stopper. If you’re feeling Valentine’s-y, this is the chocolate heart for you. See it here.

Marshmallow Heart

When was the last time you had all natural, homemade marshmallows dipped in luscious 70% dark chocolate? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Decorated with creamy milk chocolate XOs, these treats have a soft, sweet center and a bite-worthy chocolate shell. Find your favorite marshmallow heart here.