Top Ten Chocolate Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day
Chocolate for Mother's Day Dean's Sweets

Top Ten Chocolate Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

The perfect pairing: mom + chocolate. There are stay-at-home moms, work-outside-the-home moms, moms that make sourdough bread, moms that make mojitos. Just like moms, Mother’s Day chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes.

My mom was a chorale musician who played poker with a straight face, drank bourbon,  and liked the black jellybeans best. Since our job is to create things with chocolate, we experimented, dipping some salty, black licorice in chocolate to see what she’d think. Her Scandinavian tastebuds greeted this concoction with mixed reviews. She loved the licorice, but preferred it without the chocolate. This is to say, chocolate can’t do all things for all people, but she liked our bourbon buttercream, so that’s something.

How does your mom feel about chocolate? What chocolate pairs best with HER lifestyle and tastebuds?

Here’s our handy, not-at-all-scientifically proven guide to the top ten chocolate gifts for Mom (or aunt, sister, grandmother, best friend) on this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide

1. For the mom who gets up at 6:00a.m. to do yoga.

            The Vegan Mix – chai, coconut, orange, and stout truffles – all hand-dipped, all pure Om. 

2. For the mom who goes to every soccer practice.

            A thermos full of Double Dark Hot Chocolate with a few extra cups to share on the sidelines.

3. For the mom who makes sourdough bread and probably homemade jams, too.

            The Dean’s List Seasonal Chocolate Subscription Box – spring, summer, fall, winter – Mom deserves to get spoiled, too!

The Dean's List Chocolate Subscription Boxes

4. For the mom who occasionally ditches chores in favor of some good old-fashioned Netflix binge watching.

            Award-winning Maine Sea Salt Caramel Sauce and Hot Fudge Sauce – to drizzle on ice cream and popcorn, and eat with a spoon when necessary. 

5. For the triathlete mom who also volunteers at the food pantry.

            Chocolate-dipped Espresso Beans – lightweight, portable, packs an energetic punch.

6. For the turn-up-the-music, dance-in-the-kitchen mom.

            Dean’s Top-Seller Mix – this mom knows good things!

Dean's Sweets Top-Sellers Assortment

7. For the mom who knits, everything, all the time.

            Chocolate Sheep, always, for every occasion.

8. For the mom who makes mojitos and declares “you’re on your own for dinner tonight.”

            The Boozy Mix – the perfect amount of mischief.

9. For the mom who brings home the bacon and never lets you forget she’s your mom!

            Bacon Buttercrunch, for sure – smoky, salty, and sweet!

10. For the mom who fills the house with love.

            A Bouquet of Chocolate Flowers – this answers the question “should I get flowers or chocolate for Mom?” The answer: Yes, both! She’ll love this thoughtful, elegant Mother’s Day chocolate gift. 

A bouquet of chocolate flowers for Mother's Day

If your mom is, for example, an MD with an interest in art history or an appellate court judge who is mildly obsessed with the British royal family, what chocolate would she like? I’m always interested in hearing new chocolate suggestions! You’ve probably noticed that we are a nut-free chocolatier, so bear that in mind if you send us your ideas, but please do! We just tried a new recipe with milk chocolate, cardamom, and banana chips. My mom would not like that. Would your mom? Be honest.

Oh, and if you can, please call your mom. She’ll love the chocolate, no doubt, but she really wants to hear from you, and see you, if at all possible. That’s the sweetest part.