Order Holiday Chocolate in Summer: Why?!
Chocolate snowman holiday gift

Order Holiday Chocolate in Summer: Why?!

We know, you don’t want to hear or see anything about the holidays in summer. Even seeing decorations in the big box stores in October is too early. We completely get that, and we couldn’t agree more.

But there are some reasons to start thinking about ordering holiday chocolates soon that are both helpful to you, we hope, and helpful to our production schedule. So while you don’t need to start singing Christmas carols yet, there are a few reasons to think ahead to the holiday season if chocolate is on your wish list. 

Big Holiday Orders: Corporate, We’ve Got You Covered!

If you’re in charge of ordering gifts for 100 clients or 300 employees, starting now will give you maximum time to:

  • Make it fun and creative, rather than stressful and ho-hum. We can take the time to explore options of chocolate assortments and corporate branding. We have time and space to develop colors, make tags, and even include special flavors you may have in mind. Want to add a chocolate-dipped Oreo or a bag of gummy worms (we don’t, but others might!)? These things are not on our usual holiday menu, but with time, we can get just about anything done. 
Corporate chocolate holiday gifts
  • Think about packaging solutions which won’t be available later in the year. Last year, we had a customer come to our store in the early fall with clear ideas about how she wanted her chocolate assortments packaged. We brought out some boxes we have in-house to offer some options, but nothing was quite what she had in mind. Thankfully, she could describe the vision she had, and it triggered my memory of seeing something similar in a catalog. A few quick Google searches later, and boom, we had it. And the BEST part: we had the time to order the boxes, fill them with luscious truffle assortments, nail the branding, tie the ribbons, and get them shipped out. No stress, no mess! We wish the holidays were always like this!

Corporate Branding in Chocolate!

  • Order custom chocolate molds for your company logo. Imagine your business card in chocolate. Everyone will want one. Or transform your company logo into chocolate coins the size of an Olympic medal. Then slip the branded chocolate under the ribbon of an elegant truffle assortment, and you’ve just created a wow-holiday moment for your clients. Gifts like these aren’t difficult, and they can be very economical, but they do take some time upfront. Starting in August (or even September) will make it possible. Plus, this is the holiday gift that keeps on giving because you can use these chocolates in so many ways at any time of year: to hand out at conferences, greet stake-holders at important meetings, welcome new clients, thank good customers, and reward referrals.
Custom chocolate company logos
  • Get into the chocolate production schedule. Truth is, we get mighty busy in the last quarter of the year. That is not a complaint – we are VERY happy to be busy. But it’s such a rotten feeling to have to say to someone, “We’re sorry, we can’t get you those custom molds or the branded ribbon you have in mind because it’s too late for this year.” And while we pride ourselves on acting quickly for customers big and small, there does come a point where our production line is maxed out. But if your order is in our queue, we’ll have the resources to schedule it and make sure it happens. Last-minute orders can work, but aren’t we all happier when it’s checked off the to-do list early?
  • Ship on schedule. We hesitate to mention this because for us it approached a nightmare scenario, but USPS was tragically slow last year due to Covid, while FedEx and UPS just stopped taking orders altogether. Or maybe it was comically slow. Last year, starting weeks before Christmas, we shipped boxes that never arrived at their destination, ever. We shipped packages, for example, to Michigan that first went to Pennsylvania and then West Virginia before heading north again. We tracked packages that sat in unknown locations before showing up weeks later, well after the holidays, in not-quite-edible conditions. We bet you had the same thing happen, too, with packages you either shipped or hoped to receive! So, let’s think about shipping a little earlier this year, shall we? In our experience, chocolate is welcome at any time of year. October, for example, has its own chocolate holiday we also love to celebrate.

Order Holiday Chocolate Now

Your gift will stand out if it’s planned and shipped with thought and creativity. We’d like to help you do that. Let us know what you have in mind, or let us help you think of fun, new holiday chocolate packages. August may feel too early for tinsel and garland, but it’s never too early to start the conversation about holiday chocolate.

Give us a call any day of the week – 207 899-3664, or send an email to dean@deanssweets.com. We’re here to help. Looking forward to a great big happy holiday season. And now, just in time, off to a lobstah dinnah on a sunny, Maine August day!