Father’s Day: Chocolate, a Good Book, and a Hammock
Father's Day Chocolate for Dad

Father’s Day: Chocolate, a Good Book, and a Hammock

My dad usually got a “Happy Father’s Day” shout from us kids, either in person when we lived under the same roof, or on the phone, after we had moved away. When we were together, maybe we mustered a gift of golf balls or a new spatula for the grill, but usually he got the honor of grilling our dinner for his Father’s Day meal. What’s the deal for poor old Dad? 

Watching this play out year after year from the perspective of a chocolate retailer, I see how Mother’s Day gets the glory and attention (which, in my opinion, moms deserve 365 days/year) while dads get squat. Are we so collectively exhausted when June rolls around that we don’t have the bandwidth to give Dad his due? As I see it, we get to the end of the school year, after all the holidays have come and gone, and we’re all simply ready to grab a good book and head to the hammock.  

Not that there’s anything wrong with a good book. Or a hammock.

But if you want to celebrate Father’s Day, and you want to make it easy on yourself at the same time, here are eight good chocolate options for Dad.

Father’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide

1. For the dad who never sits down.

He doesn’t need them, but he’ll like them – Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans – lightweight, portable, and energy enhanced.

Chocolate-covered espresso beans

2. For the dad who goes into the office “just for a few hours” on Saturdays.

The Bar Trio – All three of our dark, milk, and white chocolate bars combined makes this easy to tuck into a shirt pocket while catching up on emails or paying the bills. Brandied Orange Peel, Maine Potato Chip, and Mocha Latte bars offer a sweet, salt, tangy, velvety combo, even if Dad munches while he crunches the latest Excel spreadsheet.

3. For the weekend warrior dad.

This dad needs a jar of the Maine Sea Salt Caramel Sauce. It packs well in a backpack and can withstand any weather condition. Add a spoon for easy access and he’ll be all set.

4. For the five-days-of-work-is-enough dad.

The Double Dark Hot Chocolate – let dad mellow out with a cup of hot chocolate. He can make it warm in the winter and ice it in the summer. Easy.

5. For the Sunday is Funday dad.

Put Dad on the “Dean’s List” with a three-, six-, or twelve-month Subscription Box. Dad likes new things, unpacking mysteries, and sneak peeks of up-and-coming confections. He’ll get fired up for the subscription box unveil each month for sure. Knowing him, he will probably even share. 

Dean's List Chocolate Subscription Boxes

6. For the dad who has tee-time and then me-time.

Nonpareils in dark, milk, and white chocolate are luxurious bite-size bits of heaven. They are designed to be savored, melting away all the worries and double bogeys of the day.

7. For the dad who knows that it’s five o’clock somewhere.

The Boozy Mix – Chocolate plus Scotch, Tequila, rum. . . done.

8. For the dad who knows the score.

Dean’s Top-Seller Assortment performs well, has great stats, and wins every game.

So for Father’s Day, give him a shout, grill him a nice meal, and add some chocolate that matches his Dad-style and temperament. Then take a book and head for the hammock yourself. That part’s for you. Nice work!