Cocoa Bombs: You Asked for Them, We Made Them!
Dean's Sweets: Cocoa bomb hot chocolate

Cocoa Bombs: You Asked for Them, We Made Them!

Answering the Calls for Cocoa Bombs – The New Hot Chocolate Craze

The first cocoa bombs started in 2019 as a TikTok viral phenomenon. We started getting calls for them in fall of 2020. That’s when we and folks like the Today Show and the Washington Post finally caught up to the fast-moving social media world. 

So while the idea of the cocoa bomb has been on the minds of our customers for all these months, we went into the kitchen and whipped up our own Dean’s Sweets cocoa bomb creation. We’d love to make it sound easy, but it did take some research and experimentation.

Cocoa Bombs Away!

Step one: Make the dark chocolate shells.

The shell needs to be not too big, not too small. It needs to hold just the right amount of our hot chocolate mix and it needs to fit neatly into the mug. 

The shell also needs to be not too thin and not too thick. If the shell is too thin, it might not make it to the mug successfully. If the shell is too thick, the hot milk (or milk alternative) added to the mug will not melt the shell and let all the good stuff billow out. No billowing and bobbing of the home-made marshmallows would completely ruin the essential reason for, i.e., the fun factor of, the cocoa bomb experience. So the cocoa bomb shell has to be the perfect thickness.

Step two: Spoon hot chocolate mix into one side of the shell.

We are lucky we already have scrumptious hot chocolate ready to go. We went with our Double Dark hot chocolate for our cocoa bombs. The Double Dark hot chocolate is a classic, rich cocoa.

Step three: Add house-made marshmallows.

Nothing compares to house-made marshmallows for the exceptional fresh taste. As a major bonus, our marshmallows are free of all preservatives and artificial ingredients that store-bought marshmallows are filled with. For that reason, our cocoa bombs should be detonated/consumed/enjoyed within two to three weeks of purchase. For most of us, this is not considered a burden. 

Step four: Join the two halves of the shell into one delicious, fun cocoa bomb!

The shells need to be carefully sealed together (using more chocolate) to ensure that the mix inside stays as fresh as possible. 

Step five: Add a dazzle of decoration.

For the final touch, we decorate our cocoa bombs with a couple of well-placed hearts and a drizzle of milk chocolate to make them not only fun, but beautiful as well.

Kudos to the early inventors and adopters of this new hot chocolate craze. And though we were not the first to create a cocoa bomb, we think this trend is here to stay, and we’re excited to add our own version of this blast to the mix. Bombs away hot-chocolate lovers!