Chocolate Subscription Boxes: The Answer to So Many Holiday Gift Needs
Dean's Sweets Dean's List Seasonal Winter Subscription Box

Chocolate Subscription Boxes: The Answer to So Many Holiday Gift Needs

Finding the Perfect Gift

I love the holidays. I love the music, the lights, and the kindness that often accompanies the season. I love the decorations, the ribbons, and the cheer. And though I’m not much of a shopper in other times of year, I do love holiday shopping. I often start in the summer (yes, I’m one of those) because it simply brings me joy to find the “perfect” gift for the people in my life. 

Over the last few years, however, I’ve found it harder and harder to find the “perfect” gift for everyone on my holiday shopping list. My friends and family are now, happily, in a place where they need or want very little. We are blessed and grateful. We’ve grown out of toys; we buy ourselves books when we want them; we have enough kitchen gadgets. We’ve filled our closets with cozy fleece sweaters and outfitted our next adventure with the newest outdoor gear. We donate our time and money whenever we can to the causes we support. Of course, we can and will always do more of that. 

Dean's Sweets Dean's List Chocolate Subscription Box

So, what’s left to be done when – even after you’ve gotten everyone socks – you still want to give your loved ones a special gift for the holidays? Think chocolate. Think subscription boxes. 

My Two Favorite (Non-Chocolate) Subscription Boxes

There are a lot of subscription boxes out there. I know. I’ve tried a few, and I like them! Or better said, the people I’ve given them to have liked them. My two favorites are Therabox, a four-times-a-year care package to remind my niece, a dedicated social worker, to take some time to herself. I also love (really love) McConnell’s ice cream subscription. Mm, mm, mm, they make great ice cream. My nephew, who as a kid turned his nose up at a not-to-be-named premium brand ice cream because it was too grainy for his six-year-old sensibilities, thinks McConnell’s is great too. It’s been fun to get texts and photos all year as they open the boxes and thank their really smart, cool aunt for giving such fine gifts.

And though I am certainly biased, I hear stories about how great it is to be on the Dean’s List, Dean’s Sweets chocolate subscription box. From one customer who gifted the box to her dad, she tells me when he receives the box in the mail, it is the highlight of his day. Another customer bought the subscription box for her daughter who’s in school. I don’t know if the daughter is on the academic Dean’s List (she probably is), but I know she loves to be on the chocolate Dean’s List. It’s a care package from home she can share with her roommates, or not, and that gets her through tough homework assignments, midterms, and final exams.

Top Ten Reasons to Be on the Dean’s Sweets “Dean’s List”

Considering a chocolate subscription box? Here are ten good reasons why it could be the answer to your holiday gift-giving needs:

  1. It’s a gift that keeps giving – for three, six, or twelve months, or themed for each season. Each time the package arrives, it’s a reminder of you and your great taste.
  2. You don’t have to know their shirt size. No more returns if it doesn’t fit. 
  3. If you send it to someone in your own home, you may directly benefit too. 
  4. It’s hand-made chocolate from a small business in Maine. This is not an Amazon gift.
  5. It’s A-political. Send it to your blue- and red-state relatives equally.
  6. No assembly required.
  7. It’s consumable. It will not clutter up the house or get shoved in the back of the closet.
  8. Great for grandkids to grandparents, individuals to whole families.
  9. There’s always a surprise. We include a “subscription box extra” in every monthly and seasonal box.
  10. It’s chocolate! That’s the best reason there is. 

So if you’re stuck looking for the perfect gift for your cousins in Michigan or your in-laws down the street, think chocolate and think about adding their names to the “Dean’s List.” For so many reasons, The Dean’s List chocolate subscription box could be the answer to many of your holiday gift needs. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll get high grades from everyone who receives it.